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Summer Workouts Begin July 21

By Susan Speer, 07/19/20, 8:45AM EDT


We are offering summer workouts, which will be held outdoors (weather permitting) in order to be as safe as possible.  Steve, who has been our strength coach in previous seasons, will lead these sessions and has received input from our high school coaches.  Workouts will start this Tuesday, July 21 and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM on the front field of the high school (this field can be seen from Washington Road as you pass the high school), and they are open to all players who plan on trying out for the Varsity & JV teams.  Steve is asking that each player bring a few things to the workouts:


     * a mat to lay on while doing exercises - this could be any type of mat or even a towel would work (this is just so the player isn't on the bare ground)


      * a dumbbell or weight of some kind - this could be a 10 to 15 pound dumbbell or even a milk jug filled with water (which weighs about 8 lb when full)

Players are encouraged to bring these items so that Steve can focus on exercises using these items rather than all cardio exercises.  Masks are optional during the workout (because the players will be spaced more than 6 feet apart), but should be worn if participants are closer than 6 feet apart.

We hope to have a good turnout so that the players can get in shape for the season.  However, these workouts are NOT mandatory.  If you feel that it is not safe to attend, then please have your player stay home (& hopefully perform workouts on their own).  We will continue to provide these workouts throughout the summer (until the week of tryouts) as long as there is enough attendance to justify it and as long as it seems to be safe.  If conditions change, we will send out another email to inform you of any changes to the workouts.

Questions? Contact Mike Safko at